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Hi! I’m D., my pronouns are they/them, and I love editing.


I love the clarity of coming to a piece for the first time and seeing what it can be.

I love asking questions of the author – not as a challenge, but as an invitation to explore what they want to communicate. 

I love walking with an author as they work through iterations of a piece, as the argument and language are honed to exactly what is needed.


And, yes, I love correcting comma usage.

My background

My academic background is in biology (BA, Goshen College), law (JD, Lewis and Clark Law School), and human geography (PhD, Rutgers University). I have been an NGO policy advisor, practiced international environmental law, and conducted research on the governance of new and emerging sciences and technologies. Throughout, I have worked with communities to identify their interests and engage with decision-making processes, from intergovernmental forums to faith community gatherings.

As an editor, I aim to help writers identify the purpose of their piece and then work with them to explore how its structure and language can best align with this purpose.


I am passionate about expanding what academia is – creating more space in academic discourse for different kinds of voices and developing academic cultures (and policies) that welcome all kinds of bodies, minds, and life experiences.

I am a Founding Board Member of the LGBTQ+ Editors Association and a volunteer with the EFA / Editors Canada Academic Editing Chapter

Currently, I am attempting to design and knit a Moby Dick throw pillow.


To inquire about a project, fill out this form. Please give me an idea of your project (type of writing, approximate word count, when you expect it will be ready to edit, and when you need it edited by) and the type of service/s you are interested in (developmental, line, and/or copy editing).

Looking forward to connecting!

I recommend the Conscious Style Guide
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