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We have been working on a paper on gender and heat pumps – this is a tricky review piece that has a mixed policy, industry, and academic audience. We wanted to make sure that our engagement with gender was sensitive and used accurate and up-to-date terminology, whilst also being accessible to multiple audiences. We asked D to help us with this alongside broader edits to clarify the argument of the piece (and get the word count down!). D’s work on this was engaged and thorough; it helped us to see the big picture alongside the smaller points for clarification. Beyond editing, their reflections and comments were also thought provoking. We found the conscious language edit hugely insightful and useful for engaging with the subject of gender in this paper and in the future. We are already recommending D to colleagues and sincerely hope that more take up their services, especially in the use of conscious language, which more academics should be applying in their day-to-day work.


- F Wade, Chancellor’s Fellow, University of Edinburgh

- J. Crawley, Senior Research Fellow, UCL

- M. De Wilde, Assistant Professor, Leiden University

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I cannot recommend D. Scott Editing highly enough. My book manuscript was edited with amazing attention to detail, combined with a complete understanding and sympathy for what I was trying to say and always constructive suggestions about how to say it better.


What I particularly valued was the scope of the feedback. At the sentence level, D did not miss a single misplaced comma, grammatical error, or typo. But the editing went far further than this, and I received valuable suggestions not only on sentence and paragraph restructuring, style and voice but also on the coherence of the manuscript overall and the arc of arguments made across the book. My conclusions were completely transformed thanks to D's suggestions and insights. My whole manuscript was so much improved by the editing that I felt confident to send it to a prestigious university press knowing that it had been thoroughly checked and reflected upon by such a thoughtful and attentive reader. I also want to add that working with D is fun! Many of their comments made me smile as well as think.

J. Calvert, Professor of Science and Technology Studies,

University of Edinburgh


The job was impressive compared to other experiences I have had, and I will definitely recommend their service to others.

T. Finstad, Associate Professor, Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


It’s vulnerable to engage an editor for writing that feels important yet risky, but I’ve come to trust D a great deal over the months that we've worked together. Every time I receive their input I feel both reassured and emboldened. For a perfectionistic writer like me, that is absolutely invaluable; it means that the content I've been dreaming of writing for my website is now actually materializing! As a developmental editor, D is not only super capable but also really committed – to each piece and its potential, but also to my overall message. The clarity and care in their way of setting up the working relationship also contribute to an experience of utter high-quality support.

C. Coopmans, Catelijne Coopmans Coaching 


In embarking on the creation of a new international scholarly network with a social justice mission, I turned to D., who was responsive to my ambitions and capable of seeing better ways to achieve them. I was very grateful for their command of the most recent standards for inclusive language concerning LGBTQ+ people, people of colour, and disabled people. I would recommend D. to anyone producing writing for global academic audiences because of their deep knowledge of the purposes of academia along with a rich and refined understanding of the relations between academics and other stakeholders. In short, D. can help you say what you want to say better, and to all the audiences you care about.

D. Berry, Research Fellow,

University of Birmingham


I have worked with D. over the past year. Their work is carefully done and completed in a timely fashion. D. is truly a well-trained professional editor.

S. Brown, Mid Rio Grande Times

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