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Give your analysis the chance to be heard.

Peer-reviewed journals and books aren’t the only repository of knowledge. NGOs, think tanks, community-based organizations, and independent scholars are producing insightful and necessary research and analysis about our communities and our world. 


For those operating outside of academic institutions and peer review processes, there is even less room for grammatical mistakes, unclear writing, or incomplete arguments. A less-than-impeccable report can more easily be brushed aside as ungrounded or insufficiently serious. Whether you are working on a grant proposal, policy analysis, or background material for a COP negotiation, your writing will benefit from experienced editorial feedback.

I have worked for NGOs and intergovernmental organizations and written the full gambit: from policy reports to legal analysis to advocacy fliers. I can work with you to determine the appropriate tone for your piece and to ensure that its arguments are clear and its language polished.


Please reach out to me by the contact form, and together we can figure out how best I can help you within your budget.

Get in touch to learn more.

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